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Flyga drake

Kite flying

Left the computer today to go fly a real kite (“drake” in Swedish) instead.
Happy Easter! :)


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2 thoughts on “Flyga drake

  1. Yes your posts are being read :) I am planning on getting FSX when I upgrade to a new computer (this one is too slow) and then I will get the Draken, as it’s my all-time favourite plane :)

  2. Nice to see that you are actually continuing the development of your Draken! Just a couple of days ago I found the Draken Facebook page which has some amazing pictures, most of which you must have seen. I also read a thesis of some graduate from National Defence University of Finland about Draken’s effect on the evolvement and revolution of Finland’s air power.

    I sent you an email maybe 6 months or one year ago about the Digital Combat Simulator platform and the possibilities for Draken.
    I understand of course the reasons to continue with P3D. For me personally though, it’s a shame that I’ll miss it because I have dropped my FSX and decided to go with DCS. Draken and one helicopter were the only reasons for me having FSX on my PC for so long.

    Well it’s just my personal dream to have Draken in a proper combat simulation platform like DCS along with all the other announced cold war fighters;

    F-104G Starfighter
    A-7 Corsair II

    Good luck with your project and have fun!
    I wish to visit your full cockpit simulator in Gävle, it looks amazing!

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