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Finally managed to export the complete 3d model from GMax into 3DS Max, which means that I can start to remodel and retexture my baby the way I always wanted to. Expect more detail, higher resolution textures, and a better overall experience.

Kudos to Tom Faulds, Manfred Jahn et al who made this possible. See this link for more info about the export script.

The new model (5.0) is developed concurrently with the final upgrade of the FSX version (4.1) which is still modeled in GMax.

The target platform for the new model is Prepar3D, although it will be FSX compatible. Repaints that you have made for the 4.x version will not be compatible with version 5.0 for obvious reasons.

Screenshots of the new model will be up as soon as I get some texturing done.