Not dead yet

Hello again, whoever is listening.

Draken development has been low-priority for a while due to personal and family problems. But the agenda still holds, I am hellbent on moving my simulation of one of the most wonderful jet fighters ever into the the next-generation world of flight simulation. Pretentious? Maybe. But that’s me.

I have now finally moved from modeling in GMax to 3DS Max with the new 64-bit Prepar3D SDK. This means that I have a lot more freedom in modeling, and more powerful tools for texture mapping. Texturing is thus getting a radical overhaul, primarily to allow for higher resolution (and more flexible) repaints.

The virtual cockpit is also being almost completely redone, mainly because VR is getting to be a big thing in simulation games. Lockheed Martin are talking about Oculus Rift compatibility, and there are a lot of users already using different 3D solutions. So I realise the need to come up with a cockpit environment where you can actually move around in three dimensions and still have that “sense of immersion” .

Any screenshots? Not right now. I really need to shape up and get the new texture mapping done first. Then, maybe.

Please stay tuned,


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One thought on “Not dead yet

  1. Your project is fantastic!!!
    I’ have downloaded the 4.0 version and i love flying this old and particular plane.
    I’m waiting for the new version 🙂

    See you to the nex post. Luigi

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