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Beta release imminent

Compiling and test driving before releasing the 4.1 beta. As always, problems that were not there during development have a tendency to surface when you are preparing a release. So, some minor fixes left to do before I put 4.1b1 up for download.

Added the missing radar hand control to the cockpit model today. It was not planned for 4.1 but I added it anyway, just for the hell of it. Not really useful as there is no radar targeting yet, but at least the handle is there, replacing the rather ugly 2D gauge.


The beta will be released this weekend. No kidding!


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3 thoughts on “Beta release imminent

  1. Wonderful work, with the gauges 3D the cockpit is really nice!

  2. hi! i am following your Project draken since you started many years ago.
    thank for your effort to make it real like. draken, viggen and gripen always attract my attention.
    so we are in weekend now:) any beta release?

  3. Sorry, I was not able to keep that promise. The beta installer was actually compiled before the weekend, but a few bugs surfaced during post-install testing resulting in some last minute changes. The recompiled installer will be uploaded later today (Monday).

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