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Change log for 4.1b1

A pre-release of version 4.1 of Draken for FSX will be available shortly. Here is a list of some of the changes made in this update:

Flight dynamics

  • Fuel consumption reduced – was almost twice of real TFSC
  • Improved engine response in lower throttle range
  • Lift and drag parameters corrected
  • Indicated speed calculation corrected – see previous posts
  • Fuel tank volumes corrected
  • Empty weight and MTOW corrected

Model and textures

  • Added missing details in LODs 20-150
  • Added LOD5 (untextured flats)
  • Remapped nose decals (larger size decals now possible in repaints)
  • Added 3D version of engine panel in VC
  • Added missing circuit breakers in VC
  • Added deicing emergency cutoff valve in VC
  • Reflective and refractive textures fixed (mirrors, switches, glass,etc.)
  • Lots of cosmetic changes to objects and textures

Systems and gauges

  • Afterburner functions rewritten from scratch
  • Drag chute function changed – added reset from panel
  • RAT function completely rewritten – now controlled by rpm, not throttle
  • MTR function changed – now reduces throttle in 2% steps
  • Cabin Pressure Difference gauge completely rewritten
  • Autopilot override function now triggers warning light
  • Automatic switch between Altitude Hold and Attitude Hold in transsonic fixed
  • Wheel brakes are now anti-lock as default
  • Missing and erroneous tool tips fixed
  • Lots of minor adjustments and cosmetic changes


Some of the problems that appear in multiplayer were addressed in this update, but not all of them. At the moment I only have one computer that can run FSX, so I have not been able to test MP locally. Most multiplayer issues will be solved in version 5.0.

If you have done repaints they may have to be modified to work with version 4.1 as there is some remapping of the exterior.