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About the delay

My apologies for not posting for a while but I have had a lot on my plate lately, such as putting my house on the market while looking for a new one. So the Draken project as well as the blog has been on the back burner for a few weeks. I hope you understand.

Actually, the main reason that this project has been moving at a snail’s pace for the last year or two is that I have been restricted for contractual reasons as to how much time and effort I can devote to it. As of this week, I do not have these limitations anymore and can actually work full time on the Draken project for a few months. :) So hopefully there will be some progress and eventually something you can download.

I am very much in love with the latest version of Draken and impatient to share it, but I really need to kill a few remaining bugs first. So please be patient and you will be rewarded…

And while we’re at it, thank you all for your encouraging comments and emails. I am truly humbled by the constant support I recieve in spite of my failure to meet my somewhat overly optimistic deadlines. Thank you for being patient.


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14 thoughts on “About the delay

  1. Fantastic news:-)!!! I’m looking forward to see forum updates or better a new release.

  2. Hej! Hoping that the development is progressing! I do not want to hurry you too much, but I am checking for the new version at least a few times every week. Greetings Henric

  3. Tom, do you have plans to update the textures to a higher resolution or will the next version still use the 4.0 paintkit?

    cheers, Henk.

  4. The 4.1 version has the same basic texture resolution as 4.0, but the mapping for the nose section has been slightly changed so it will be released together with a new paintkit. You will basically be able to use your 4.0 repaints with some minor adjustments.
    The 5.0 version on the other hand has completely new texturing with higher resolution, but that is still at least six months away.

  5. Tom thank you, this is the answer I was hoping for and I will patiently wait for 5.0 !

  6. Some news about the project? I’m really impatient :)

  7. hope you enjoy :)

  8. Oh, I did enjoy that! Thanks for that link, David. :D
    I was hoping for a resurrection of the SK35C for years, and when the SWAFHF people finally got this bird flightworthy I was extatic. Sadly, I did not have the opportunity to see it fly this summer, although I heard it passing over our house. No mistaking that sound. ;)

  9. :)…..tom, by the way, when do you plan to release the new version? thanks :)

  10. happy you enjoy it :)

  11. Any chance we will see TACPACK integration?

  12. I have been looking at the TacPack SDK but I have not had time to experiment with it yet. It is quite likely that 5.0 will be prepared for TacPack, but 4.1 will not.

  13. We are running Tacpack enabled version of Draken in our simulators, I believe we can supply you with this Thomas, so you don’t have to invent the wheel again :)

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