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Feedback wanted

More than a dozen people have already downloaded the third beta release, and as you now have to register to download I am pretty sure that this time it is not bots scraping the site for content. Still, only three (3) people have been active in the forum. :(

Beta testing is the final stage before release, which means that feedback from beta testers is crucial to avoid releasing something that is still full of bugs. So I am really anxious to hear from all of you who have downloaded the beta. Please post!

By the way, when posting bug reports it is really helpful if you also tell me about your software/hardware environment. The easiest way is to add this info to your user signature. Just click on your name (in your forum posts or in the sidebar) to access your profile, then you can edit your signature.

Anyway, I am still amazed that people even find their way to this website, as it is not announced anywhere and is prohibitive to search engine bots. Well, that’s the wonder of the Internet. ;)

Stay tuned /Tom