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Feedback wanted

More than a dozen people have already downloaded the third beta release, and as you now have to register to download I am pretty sure that this time it is not bots scraping the site for content. Still, only three (3) people have been active in the forum. :(

Beta testing is the final stage before release, which means that feedback from beta testers is crucial to avoid releasing something that is still full of bugs. So I am really anxious to hear from all of you who have downloaded the beta. Please post!

By the way, when posting bug reports it is really helpful if you also tell me about your software/hardware environment. The easiest way is to add this info to your user signature. Just click on your name (in your forum posts or in the sidebar) to access your profile, then you can edit your signature.

Anyway, I am still amazed that people even find their way to this website, as it is not announced anywhere and is prohibitive to search engine bots. Well, that’s the wonder of the Internet. ;)

Stay tuned /Tom

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12 thoughts on “Feedback wanted

  1. Tom, I did not find problems yet, I only have 2 observations, one may sound familar:
    1. Also with the new air file, it still takes a very long time to accelerate from Mach 0.95 -> 1.8. I tried at 30,000 and also at 40,000 feet but I ran out of fuel at ~ mach 1.6.
    2. Ailerons/elevators are not working in P3D v2.4 but I am aware that is out of the scope of this project. I guess it has something to do with the fact that P3D does not understand old FS9 simvar notations like (A:HYDRAULIC1 PRESSURE,psi). P3D uses the FSX format like (A:HYDRAULIC PRESSURE:1,psi).
    Conclusion: I am happy with Beta 3, many thanks for all the work you have put into this project!

    cheers, Henk.

  2. I am aware of the simvar notation issue and I have fixed this in some of the gauges but not all – there’s almost 15000 lines of code at the moment… but thanks for reminding me. I don’t have P3D installed anymore so I sort of forgot about it. Will try to do some work on P3D compatibility this weekend.

    Regarding performance: I have no reliable data for 35J, but the 35OE (Austrian version of 35D) reportedly needed 4 minutes to go from M 0.9 to M 1.2 at 10 km altitude, and another 2 minutes to the top speed of M 1.43. One Draken pilot I know said that by the time he reached M 1.6 in his 35F he would be almost out of fuel. So I actually think that my 35J is a little too “hot”. But more fun. ;)

  3. Did another test, better result this time:
    – Reached 33,000 Feet in 7 mins flight time (climb speed Mach ~0.85), fuel left 81%.
    – Took 8 additional minutes to reach Mach 1.7, fuel left 30%.
    – Took another 2 minutes to reach Mach 1.8, fuel left 14%.

  4. If it took you 7 minutes to reach 10 km (33000 ft) I guess you climbed without afterburner? With afterburner this requires less than 3 minutes if you maintain the standard climb speed of M 0.9.
    On this altitude I run out of fuel at M 1.85 after 12.5 minutes total flight time on afterburner, which is of course a theoretical situation. If I cut the throttle at minimum fuel (~500 l), my speed is M 1.75. I believe this is actually beyond what the real 35J was capable of.
    BTW, I have now cleaned up all gauges from FS9 notation style, so the 4.1 release will hopefully work in P3D. Thanks again for pointing this out.

  5. Yes, I climbed on max mil power to save fuel, thanks for the feedback, I think the latest FDE is a keeper. I am also impressed by how stable the jet flies at high altitude / high speed – I have seen my fair share of models in FSX that become wobbly and difficult to control there.

  6. My signature: I have tried to open my signature, but I cannot find where to write. Can you please describe it a little more detailed?

  7. While logged in, click on your name in the sidebar to show your profile. Then click on “Edit my profile”. At the bottom of the Edit Profile page you will find the signature text box.

  8. I must be blind.

    When I click on my name on the sidebar, I come to my profile with a placeholder for a picture and three choices, Profile, Topics Started and Replies Created. When I click on Profile nothing happens.

    For the other two alternatives I receive my Topics and my Replies. But I cannot find “Edit my profile” anywhere.

  9. Strange. This is what you should see (see image).
    Which browser are you using?

  10. Hello,

    I’ve followed this project for many years now and finally got my simulator build updated with the latest software which includes Prepar3d 2.4.

    Installed the latest beta and it was a success!

    This is a fantastic project you have managed to push this far. It is definitively a payware grade project, especially if you look into the documentation and flight model.

    Hopefully a few of us can come together and fly online!

    My simulator build is based on dual projectors, a curved screen and two computers for running the simulation.

    So, my issues now is to fiddle around with Prepar3D cameras to get the right setup with instruments on a separate monitor and the out-the-window and HUD on the curved screen.

    Thanks again for the fantastic work you have provided for free! I remember the time you took some time off to do other things and I’m happy that you are back working on the Draken project.

  11. I am missing “Edit my profile”. I am using the browser Internet Explorer 11.

  12. Could be a stylesheet issue with IE. I updated the stylesheet today, please try again and see if you can see the “Edit” link.
    This comment thread is getting too long, it would be better to discuss this in the “General” forum.

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