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Upgraded flight dynamics

If modeling flight dynamics in FSX was simply a matter of entering the specs of the real aircraft, I would have been finished years ago. But it’s not, at least not when you are dealing with turbojets, delta wings, and supersonic flight.

The FDE in 4.1b2 was the best so far, but I was not really happy with the afterburner and how the aircraft behaved at high Mach. I have received comments on this in the forum and in emails, and I have to agree that performance on afterburner is not very impressive. Rate of climb is also way off the mark – especially at high speed, indicating that the wave drag table is not properly set.

So, I have been working hard on this all week and am happy to say that the FDE now seems to be “on the numbers” in almost all aspects. Climb rate, sink rate, acceleration, everything seems to more or less match the performance data I have.

The new FDE will be included in the third and final beta which will be released in a couple of days, but if you are impatient you can download the upgraded FDE separately and replace the existing one in 4.1b2. Just put the downloaded .air file in the Draken 4.1b2 aircraft folder, then edit aircraft.cfg to point to the new file:
sim = j35bm_fsx_55

Please note that this FDE will NOT work in any other version – it is specifically paired with the aircraft.cfg file in 4.1b2!