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Bug hunting

During the final tests I discovered some problems with the com radios that were difficult to solve. The radios contain some of the oldest code in this sim, I wrote most of it ten years ago and a lot of it was actually ported over from the old FS9 version, which means that troubleshooting is a nightmare. So I decided to redo the whole com radio system at the last minute.

This means that we had to postpone the release for another week. Sorry about that, but at least you will get radios that actually work. ;)

Oh, and I threw in UHF  support for good measure.

Cheers /Thomas

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4 thoughts on “Bug hunting

  1. Very much looking forward to this release :)

  2. So nice to be able to fly this again in P3D!

    A few issues:

    -unexplained roll movements above 300kts (not caused by inputs, the ailerons don’t move to generate those) and no rudder (the stee
    ring works on the ground, though), not present in any other aircraft
    -the contrail effect is buggy, displays as a series of squares
    -no vortex effects (neither wingtips nor edge/inner/outer vortices) display at all
    -the stick is not visible in the cockpit

  3. Edit: obviously ignore all of the above except the roll issues!

  4. Thank you! :)
    The roll disturbance that you describe is most likely caused by turbulence, which is sometimes a problem in FSX/P3D due to the higher sensitivity of the controls in Draken. This problem has also been reported for some other aircraft addons, not only Draken, but we are looking at a possible workaround.
    The rudder in the real Draken was more or less inoperational at higher speeds due to its large area. So it should actually be realistic.
    Please use the support forum to report any issues you have with Draken, blog comments are not really the best place for that.
    Cheers /Thomas

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