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Draken 5.0 for Prepar3D v4 released

After many months of development we are now proud to present Bookmark Simulations Saab 35 Draken 5.0 for Prepar3D v4. This version is built exclusively for Prepar3D v4 and a major leap forward from the previous versions for Microsoft Flight Simulator. It includes a load of new features and improvements:

Completely reworked exterior and interior models and textures

All the exterior and interior texture sheets have been upgraded to higher resolution. The texture mapping of fuselage and wings has also been improved to make repainting easier. An updated repaint kit will be released later in 2019.

The exterior model has been reworked with much more attention to detail and better animations. The landing gear and the exterior version of the cockpit are the most visible improvements in this major facelift.

The virtual cockpit is now also much more detailed and accurate, and immensly more flyable. Several instruments are now modeled instead of being “flat” 2D gauges. This also means that the old 2D minipanel has finally been retired.

Dimmable lighting

The interior lighting fx are now fully dimmable with separate dimmer knobs for the main instrument lights, radarscope grid, flight director crossbars, radar intensity, and panel backlighting. Cockpit lights have also been added in their correct locations.

Dynamic landing and taxi lights

The landing and taxi lights now illuminate the ground realistically when dynamic lighting is enabled in Prepar3D.

Real rear view mirrors

The rear view mirrors now show the live environment behind the aircraft. This effect can be disabled to improve performance. Please note that this has nothing to do with the new dynamic reflections option in Prepar3D.

New soundpack

The RM6 engine sounds have been improved and fine-tuned in the new soundpack. The interior sounds are now much more authentic-sounding, and the startup and shutdown sequences are completely fluid without gaps and stutters.

PN-594 simulated with TACAN

The simulated PN-594 navigation system now uses TACAN instead of VOR to simulate ANITA to avoid conflicts with existing VOR stations.

How to purchase

Draken 5.0 for Prepar3D is not freeware, but dirt cheap. The price is  9.00 €  including free updates for the 5.x series.

You can purchase the aircraft in our webshop.

How to get help

An online Flight Manual is available on the Support page, where you will also find a support forum. Please note that the Flight Manual is still in development and all sections have not yet been updated for version 5.0.