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Fake versions, clickbait and piracy

Have you found our add-ons on other websites? Do NOT download them.

This is the ONLY place where you can download the Bookmark add-ons for FSX or Prepar3D. If you find them on any other website, they are without exception stolen or fake versions of our products that were scraped off our website to be used as clickbait, and they may even include malware.

Old versions of our FS9 model are still available at AVSIM and (and a few other websites). These downloads are absolutely legit but very much out of date. The final FS9 version 3.2 is only available on our website. The FSX versions have never been uploaded to other websites, they are only found here.

Before our first FSX model of Draken was released in 2010, one website actually repackaged the FS9 version, modified the EULA (!), added some of their own stuff, and then promoted it as an official FSX version by Bookmark. Some people downloaded this abomination and then sent us angry messages when it did not work in FSX. Amazing.

The Prepar3D version is not free but very modestly priced. The low price will not eliminate piracy (hey, people steal our freeware) but we hope that it just might make it less worthwhile. To those of you who have bought Draken 5.0, our sincerest thanks. You are supporting this project and inspiring us to keep on developing Draken for future versions of Prepar3D and (maybe) Microsoft Flight Simulator.