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J-35OE in the works

An Austrian J-35OE model for Prepar3D is now officially on the roadmap and development work has begun. This will be a completely separate add-on with a full 35OE cockpit, including a functional RWR.

A release date has not been set yet. Stay tuned for more info.


35OE cockpit
J-35OE cockpit still in development
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3 thoughts on “J-35OE in the works

  1. Looking forward to this one – hope it is not an April fools prank :-)

  2. Ha, I did not think about the date when I wrote the post… No, it’s not a prank, the exterior model and texturing stage was finished some weeks ago and the instruments and systems are in the final development stage. The 35OE will be released sometime in early summer along with a major upgrade to the 35J model. They will probably be offered separately or as a package, although we have not made a final decision on that or on the pricing.


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