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J-35OE and Draken 5.1 near completion

Hello folks, here are the latest news regarding the Draken 5.1 release, which is a much improved and Prepar3D V5 compatible version that offers the Austrian J-35OE as a separate download.

The 35OE interior and exterior models are now complete and I am currently working on fixing compatibility issues with Prepar3D V5. Lockheed Martin made some significant changes to the dynamic lighting system between V4 and V5, which means that the landing/taxi lights and the interior lights will need to come in two flavors. Apart from this there are no functional differences in Prepar3D V5.

When you install Draken 5.1 you will be given the choice to install for either Prepar3D V4 or V5. The only difference is a configuration file that will point to different fx files depending on the target version.

Stay tuned for more news!