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J-35OE 1.1 – now FSX compatible

Draken J-35OE has been updated to version 1.1, which includes a number of improvements and bug fixes. This version is fully compatible with FSX, with the exception of a few features that require functionality that only exists in Prepar3D.

See the product page for more information about this version.

This is a free update if you have already purchased version 1.0. Please note that you need to log in using the same account that you used when purchasing the earlier version.

Changes in this version:

  • Remodeled some parts in the cockpit
  • Remodeled nose radome
  • Ajusted specular maps
  • Fixed broken COM1/COM2 switching on ME1 panel
  • Increased navigation lights daytime intensity
  • Reduced landing and taxi lights daytime intensity
  • Adjusted taxi light color temperature
  • Added FSX compatibility (see manual for installation instructions)