Options panel

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Couldn’t resist another teaser: Just added a panel to make it easier to enable/disable some resource-heavy features and debugging tools. The options panel will be shown automatically the first time you load the aircraft. After that it can be accessed from the Views menu.

Stick around

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My old Thrustmaster HOTAS Cougar gave up a few weeks ago, which means that I have not been able to finalize the FDE as I could not afford a new controller. The Cougar has seen some repair work and modding over the years and has generally been a good companion, but now it was spitting […]

New autopilot

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The autopilot in the current version (4.0) was originally put together for the FS9 version and then adapted for FSX. It was built on top of the MSFS autopilot, but most of its functions were custom made with local variables. It has been known to be more than a little “quirky”, did not respond to […]

Solved: Variable wet thrust

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Finally managed to figure out how to allow manual activation of the afterburner within a certain throttle range, but still prevent it from being automatically activated. 🙂 The afterburner function in FSX was designed to be activated at a certain throttle setting, which is not how it works in Draken. You should be able to […]

Supersonic the hedgehog

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Spent the last few weeks tweaking the more esoteric parameters of the airfile, and finally came down with something that I believe I can live with. Still a little bouncy in pitch, but apart from that it flies more or less “on the numbers”. High Mach numbers are now easiest to achieve at around 10 […]

Almost there

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The new FDE is now “almost finished” – which really means that we are now in the kingdom of Pareto and Murphy. The final stage of any project is inevitably where most of the work is being done, and where everything inevitably goes wrong. That said, I am actually optimistic about releasing 4.1b2 within the […]

What happened to 4.1?

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What ever happened to the release of 4.1 proper? Or the second beta? The first beta turned out to be riddled with bugs and performance problems – some discovered by me in the weeks following the upload, some duly reported by users. I planned to put out a second beta that took care of most […]