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Draken AI model for FSX

On request from many users I have put together a stripped-down AI (non-flyable) version of Draken for FSX. It contains five LODs with about 30k polys in the highest LOD (compared to 75k in the full model) and – of course – no interior model. You can find it on the Download page (registered users only).

The AI version links to the sound folder in Draken 4.1, so you need to install the full model first if you want the original sounds.

150105-rote-01 150105-rote-02

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Draken 4.1.2

For those of you who haven’t already noticed, Draken has now been updated to version 4.1.2. This final update to 4.1 only comprises a bugfix to the PN-59 navigation system. If you have installed version 4.1.1 and don’t feel like downloading and installing the whole 17 MB kaboodle again, there is also a patch which will update 4.1.1 to 4.1.2.

This is most likely the last installment in the 4.1 series. I actually have no idea if this project has a future. There may be a 5.0 version some day. We’ll see.

My heartfelt thanks to all of you for close to fifteen years of never failing moral support, understanding, and love.

Cheers /Tom

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Draken 4.1.1 update

This is a maintenance release which fixes all the (known) problems with the autopilot and navigation system. It is a complete installation, not a patch.

It also introduces a change to the course indicator, which no longer points to navaids or waypoints. That functionality was really a remnant of the very earliest version of the panel, and not realistic at all. The heading/course indicator is now just a basic HSI without VOR indication.

Please note that this is not a separate version, the installer will overwrite the 4.1 files in the same folder and will show as 4.1 in the FSX aircraft selection dialog.

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Status report

The promised maintenance release (4.1.1) is slightly delayed due to the fact that I have a new job, which is great, but which also means less time for Draken. I have precious little time to spend on this as it is, as you well know. The update will be released before Christmas though, that’s a promise I will keep. It contains a few minor fixes and a major one, the PN-59 update. So the 4.x series will be concluded before the end of the year, and then… we will see.

Stay tuned /Tom

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Autopilot problems

The autopilot is still not working properly – the bank/turn control especially – but a solution is in the works. There will be a maintenance release (4.1.1) at the end of this week which will take care of this as well as some other minor problems.

If you have other issues with 4.1 please post in the forum and I will do my best to get them fixed for the next release.

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IE 11 problems

If you are using Internet Explorer 11 you may have noticed that the logo banner is missing from the website. This is due to the “inventiveness” of Microsoft with every new release of IE, always a pleasure, thank you very much.

I will patch it up eventually. Meanwhile, consider using a W3C standards compliant browser such as Firefox or Chrome.


Well, that was easy enough to fix. I was using a CSS3 specific style to hide/show the banner and it appears IE11 is not fully CSS3 compliant. Oh well…

For those of you who may be interested, let me explain the problem and my solution:
For mobile browsers I hide all elements that have the “desktop” class:
.desktop { display:none; }
In desktop browsers they should be displayed – but since some elements are block and some inline, I used the “initial” attribute type:
.desktop { display:initial; }
…which does not work in IE11. So I added a fallback:
img.desktop { display:inline-block; display:initial; }
…which works fine, as the second “display:” overrides the first one in other browsers but is ignored by IE11.

You learn something new every day.

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Draken 4.1 released

The release version of Draken 4.1 for FSX is now available for download.

At the moment the download menu is only visible when you are logged in. This is a security measure while I am building up the new download system.

A repaint kit for 4.1 will be uploaded ASAP, I am working on it right now is now also available. There have been only a few small changes in the exterior texturing, so any repaints created for 4.0 will probably only need some minor tweaking.

If you have any problems with this release, please use the support forum. I you have no problems at all, tell your friends. ;)

Peace /Tom

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Download area down

The latest update of the plugin I use to manage downloads on the website took down the whole download system, just as I was preparing to upload the final 4.1 release.

I am truly sorry about this, but it is not me but the developers of the plugin who are to blame. They changed the plugin radically without informing their users, and now want us to pay to get the functionality back. I think this is really unprofessional and bad form. It’s like suddenly being asked for a ticket to get off the train.

I am working on replacing the plugin with something that works and has better support.

Please stay tuned


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About the Flight Manual

The Draken 4.1 Flight Manual is constantly updated to reflect the changes made during development, and is always valid for the latest beta version (including patches). The online version and the pdf version are usually in sync as they are generated from the same source files. However, you should be aware that if you downloaded a pdf manual some time ago it might contain information that has since been revised.

The most recent addition to the manual is a basic instruction for flying an approach using the PN-59 unit and the Barbro navaids. PN-59 navigation was broken in 4.1b3 (sorry) but has been fixed and will work perfectly in the released version – which is just a few days away. :)

Stay tuned /Tom