Not dead yet

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Hello again, whoever is listening. Draken development has been low-priority for a while due to personal and family problems. But the agenda still holds, I am hellbent on moving my simulation of one of the most wonderful jet fighters ever into the the next-generation world of flight simulation. Pretentious? Maybe. But that’s me. I have […]

Airspeed issues solved

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One of the more annoying quirks of MSFS is how it (mis)calculates indicated airspeed from true airspeed. Unless you do some tweaking in either the .air file or in Aircraft.cfg, your IAS will be incorrect. The recommended way to deal with this in FSX is by tweaking the airspeed_indicator.n entries in Aircraft.cfg, which will set […]


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Finally managed to export the complete 3d model from GMax into 3DS Max, which means that I can start to remodel and retexture my baby the way I always wanted to. Expect more detail, higher resolution textures, and a better overall experience. Kudos to Tom Faulds, Manfred Jahn et al who made this possible. See […]

Back in business (sort of)

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Well, after a two-month break I am back in business… again… 😉 The 3D landing lights are on the back burner for the time being, as they turned out to be a lot more work to implement than I thought. I need to address some higher-priority stuff first (bad texturing, high altitude performance, poly count), […]

Status report

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The first post of the year, and the first “real” report on the project since 2011. 🙂 The biggest change so far is that I have added 3 more LODs to the model, which makes for a far better experience in Multiplayer. Still too many polys in the lower LODs, though, but I am working […]

Draken in Prepar3D

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I have been experimenting for a while with Prepar3D (P3D), the continuation of the retired FSX/ESP platform, which is published by Lockheed Martin and directed towards professional and academic use. Since P3D is still basically ESP (the pro version of FSX) with a different UI and some minor functional changes, it is hardly surprising that […]


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This blog is basically a revival of my old Draken devblog. The main difference is that I am now using WordPress, which is (hopefully) more secure than the heavily customized Joomla system I used on the old website. Here I will blog about the continuing development of Draken for FSX/P3D, including the customizations I make […]