DX10 and Draken

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I only now realised that some people actually use the infamous “DX10 Preview” mode in FSX, which may explain some of the more mysterious bug reports I have received over the years. So I will try to sum up how this mode affects FSX in general, and Draken in particular, and then you can decide […]

Draken 4.1 beta 3

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The third beta release is now available on the Download page. It includes all previous patches as well as some additional fixes and changes: Completely new wing vapor fx Scaled down the afterburner flame fx Added conditions to prevent “event loops” in some gauges Fixed missing speed brakes animation Fixed turn/bank control in autopilot Fixed […]

Issues with 4.1b2

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Here is a short list of reported issues in 4.1b2/4.1b2.1 so far: Turn/bank control for Autopilot is broken in the VC Brake chute sometimes deployed when the aircraft loads Textures missing in the Barbro/Anita navaids scenery Texture mapping error on right side of cockpit (ext) Speed brakes are not animated There was also a problem […]

Draken 4.1 beta 2

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The second beta version is now finally available on the Downloads page. 🙂 This is a preview version of the full version 4.1 which will be released about a month from now. The beta installer includes only one livery and, as in previous betas, an ugly “banner” is floating above the exterior model. Apart from […]

Options panel

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Couldn’t resist another teaser: Just added a panel to make it easier to enable/disable some resource-heavy features and debugging tools. The options panel will be shown automatically the first time you load the aircraft. After that it can be accessed from the Views menu.

New autopilot

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The autopilot in the current version (4.0) was originally put together for the FS9 version and then adapted for FSX. It was built on top of the MSFS autopilot, but most of its functions were custom made with local variables. It has been known to be more than a little “quirky”, did not respond to […]

Solved: Variable wet thrust

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Finally managed to figure out how to allow manual activation of the afterburner within a certain throttle range, but still prevent it from being automatically activated. 🙂 The afterburner function in FSX was designed to be activated at a certain throttle setting, which is not how it works in Draken. You should be able to […]