Back in business (sort of)

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Well, after a two-month break I am back in business… again… 😉 The 3D landing lights are on the back burner for the time being, as they turned out to be a lot more work to implement than I thought. I need to address some higher-priority stuff first (bad texturing, high altitude performance, poly count), […]

Status report

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The first post of the year, and the first “real” report on the project since 2011. 🙂 The biggest change so far is that I have added 3 more LODs to the model, which makes for a far better experience in Multiplayer. Still too many polys in the lower LODs, though, but I am working […]

Draken in Prepar3D

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I have been experimenting for a while with Prepar3D (P3D), the continuation of the retired FSX/ESP platform, which is published by Lockheed Martin and directed towards professional and academic use. Since P3D is still basically ESP (the pro version of FSX) with a different UI and some minor functional changes, it is hardly surprising that […]


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This blog is basically a revival of my old Draken devblog. The main difference is that I am now using WordPress, which is (hopefully) more secure than the heavily customized Joomla system I used on the old website. Here I will blog about the continuing development of Draken for FSX/P3D, including the customizations I make […]