Upgraded flight dynamics

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If modeling flight dynamics in FSX was simply a matter of entering the specs of the real aircraft, I would have been finished years ago. But it’s not, at least not when you are dealing with turbojets, delta wings, and supersonic flight. The FDE in 4.1b2 was the best so far, but I was not […]

Almost there

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The new FDE is now “almost finished” – which really means that we are now in the kingdom of Pareto and Murphy. The final stage of any project is inevitably where most of the work is being done, and where everything inevitably goes wrong. That said, I am actually optimistic about releasing 4.1b2 within the […]

What happened to 4.1?

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What ever happened to the release of 4.1 proper? Or the second beta? The first beta turned out to be riddled with bugs and performance problems – some discovered by me in the weeks following the upload, some duly reported by users. I planned to put out a second beta that took care of most […]

Airspeed issues solved

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One of the more annoying quirks of MSFS is how it (mis)calculates indicated airspeed from true airspeed. Unless you do some tweaking in either the .air file or in Aircraft.cfg, your IAS will be incorrect. The recommended way to deal with this in FSX is by tweaking the airspeed_indicator.n entries in Aircraft.cfg, which will set […]