Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to pay something for Draken?

Draken 5.0 is payware but dirt cheap. The price includes free updates for the 5.0 series.

Draken 4.1 and 3.2 are freeware. This means that they are free to download and install for your personal use, within the limitations described in the End User License Agreement (EULA). You are required to read and approve the terms in the EULA before installing Draken.

No version of Draken is open source or in the public domain. You cannot redistribute Draken or any part of Draken, modified or in its original form, without our written consent. See the EULA for the complete license conditions. 

In what versions of Flight Simulator or Prepar3D can I use Draken?

Draken 5.0 requires Prepar3D v4.5 or later to work as intended.
Draken 4.1 requires Microsoft Flight Simulator X SP2 or later.
Draken 3.2 requires Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004.

How do I install Draken?

Download the installer archive and unzip the contents anywhere on your computer, then double-click on the installer executable. You will be prompted through each step of the installation process.

Will the latest version overwrite previous versions?

Draken 5.0 is installed completely outside of the main P3D installation folder. Every version in the 5.x series will be installed in a separate folder structure and there should not be any conflict between the different versions. Hotfixes that are issued between versions will overwrite files in the current installation. 

Draken 4.1 is installed in its own aircraft folder and has its own sub-folders in the main FSX gauges and sounds folders. The effects files are specific to this version and will not conflict with previous versions. The scenery files will be updated from earlier installations and are fully backward compatible.

Why is there a scenery installed with Draken?

The additional scenery installed with Draken contains some additional navaids that simulate tactical navigation and landing systems formerly used by the Swedish Air Force. The ground stations are also modeled in the scenery. See the helpfile for more information!

Can the P3D version be used in FSX, and vice versa?

Draken 5.0 is designed exclusively for Prepar3D v4 and will not work properly in earlier versions of Prepar3D or in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Draken 4.1 will install and fly in Prepar3D, although some things will not function exactly as intended and some tweaking is needed. You are on your own there.

Are there any Austrian, Danish or Finnish variants?

The FS9 version (3.2) includes a complete Austrian J-35OE exterior/interior model, but the P3D and FSX versions only contain the Swedish J 35J. A 35OE version for Prepar3D V4 is in the roadmap but there is no timeplan yet.

The Danish F-35 is very different in instrumentation and systems as well as structurally and aerodynamically. There are no plans for a Danish version at this point.

This bird is not like the other aircraft in FSX or P3D. How do I fly it?

Read the Flight Manual which can be found on the Support pages. It explains the procedures for startup, takeoff, climb, cruise, approach and landing, as well as how to use the navigation systems, radios, etc. If you are really impatient, just use the checklist in the kneepad (although it may be difficult to follow it without first reading the manual).

How do I submit feedback and/or get help when I’m stuck?

For Draken 5.0 the best way is to use the support forum. The older versions of Draken are no longer actively supported, but you can always use the contact form if you need help.

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