Are the weapons functional?

No, the weapons in all versions of Draken are just for show and the simulated radar has no targeting function.

There are several third party solutions for adding functional weapons to FSX and Prepar3D vehicles. You can probably modify Draken to use these add-ons, and you may also share these modifications within the limits of the EULA.

I’m stuck. How can I get help?

Read the Flight Manual for your specific model (35J or OE). It explains the procedures for startup, takeoff, climb, cruise, approach and landing, as well as how to use the navigation systems, radios, etc.

If you are really impatient, use the checklist in the kneepad (although it may be difficult to follow the procedures without first reading the Flight Manual).

As a last resort, use the contact form to send us a message.

Are Austrian, Danish or Finnish variants included?

Bookmark currently has two versions of Draken for Prepar3D, the Swedish J 35J and the Austrian J-35OE. They are sold as separate products.

The Finnish versions of Draken were similar to the Swedish versions, although there are differences in cockpit instrumentation and armament. There may be a Finnish Bookmark Draken for Prepar3D in the future, but it is not on the roadmap at the moment.

There are no plans for a Danish version of Draken for Prepar3D and probably never will be. The Danish F-35 was very different in instrumentation and systems as well as structurally and aerodynamically, so this would be a separate project.