Why is there a scenery installed with J 35J?

The additional scenery installed with the Swedish versions of Draken contains some additional navaids that simulate tactical navigation and landing systems formerly used by the Swedish Air Force. The ground stations are also modeled in the scenery. See the Flight Manual for more information.

Will installing a new version overwrite previous versions?

All the Prepar3D versions of Draken are installed in separate folders within the main Bookmark Simulations add-ons folder and will not affect each other. Patches/hotfixes that are issued between the release versions will normally overwrite files in the current installation.

Draken 4.1 for FSX is installed in its own aircraft folder and in sub-folders within the main FSX gauges and sounds folders. The effects files are specific to each version and will not conflict with previous versions. The included scenery files will be updated from earlier installations and are fully backward compatible.

In what versions of Flight Simulator or Prepar3D can I install Draken?

Draken 35J 5.1 and 35OE 1.1 are designed for Prepar3D v5 but are compatible with Flight Simulator X (SP2 and later). Some Prepar3D specific features will not work in FSX, such as the dynamic landing/taxi lights, and the switch sounds in the cockpit. Cockpit configuration will not be saved between sessions in FSX. Draken has not been tested by us in Prepar3D v6.

The previous versions 35J 5.0 and 35OE 1.0 were designed for Prepar3D and will not work in FSX. Upgrade to the latest version to get FSX compatibility. Upgrades are free if you have purchased a previous version in the same series.

Draken 4.1 requires Microsoft Flight Simulator X SP2 or later. It can be installed in Prepar3D, but it will not work as intended and some major tweaking is needed. You are on your own there.

Draken 3.2 requires Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 (FS9).

Draken will not run on the new MSFS platform. A new version for MSFS 2024 is planned.

How do i install Draken?

Unzip the downloaded zip archive anywhere on your computer, then double-click on the installer file to start installation. You will be prompted through each step of the installation process.

For instructions on how to install in multiple versions of Prepar3D and/or FSX, refer to the Flight Manual.