Reply To: Manual for FS9 version


    Hi Tom,
    I just found that I can open CHM files on my Windows 7 laptop, so no more mysteries for FS9.
    Actually I still use FS9 much more than FSX because I am able to to be more creative with that particular sim. Having immediate access to the ’35’ OE turned out to be a personal bonus.
    I have on YouTube about 65 flt.sim. movies, and have thousands of screen shots and many articles published, over the years in PCPilot magazine.
    In reality my computer skills are not, because of my age, at today’s cutting edge, but I manage.
    I was in the process of making a movie, by request, of the Blackburn Buccaneer when someone mentioned the SAAB 35, but as I was always dissatisfied with my earlier movie decided to see if it had an available update. And now the rest is now history since I searched for a PDF manual.
    best wishes