Reply To: HYDII warning light not going out, no afterburner


    Well thank you, friend. :)

    Just to make things clear, there are no authorized versions of Draken for FSX on any other websites, they are either leeched (stolen) from this site, or are old FS9 versions that have likewise been stolen, repackaged, and falsely advertised as FSX compatible. They may even (and have been known to) contain malware.

    You did read the part about using Shift-F4 to light the afterburner, right? Changing the afterburner threshold to 0.95 will make the afterburner light up automatically on full throttle, which is unrealistic for Draken and probably not what you want. That way you will never achieve full military (dry) thrust and so will have degraded performance without afterburner. But it is of course up to you.

    The hydraulic system sometimes “gets stuck” if you load Draken directly after starting FSX, but reloading the aircraft usually takes care of it. The problem is intermittent and I have not yet been able to find the cause. Am working on it though.

    Cheers /Tom