Reply To: J35J 4.1.1


    I did a test of the military navigation systems, because I had seen some errors.

    I started from F10 rw 32 and climbed straight out to 10 000 m. I put the aircraft on autopilot and set it flying a circle. Then I set the waypoint to 9009 for F9. The course and the vertical crossbar agreed with the displayed course on the FLI 35 Indicator unit. OK compared to Plan-G.

    Then I set A/B to BIA for F9 and choosed NAV400. Now the vertical crossbar changed to 180 degrees, directly south! The same for NAV40.

    I tested with F12 and F17, and got the same result. Waypoint navigation gave the correct course, but A/B gave directly south. Is this the error the same you said something about at Dec 27 16:31?