Reply To: Seeking permission for model revisions


    Greetings from Norway :-)

    I and Dave Q have been working on a HD paint kit as part of this package. Hi resolution and many new details added to bring the external to life. I’m more than happy to share the paint kit with you if you want to use it.

    The revised models are simple MDL changes to remove the IR tracker and intake pylons to replicate the F-1,F-1, S (with ir), FS and OE. You as the designer is of course in full control of the model files, but we wanted to get in touch with you to hear about the possibility to get your permission to release the modified files (only and not the complete package).

    Best regards/Med vennlig hilsen
    Jens-Ole KjĂžlberg

    Filip 2 from F17


    Finnish 35S DK-215


    Finnish 35FS[IMG][/IMG]