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    Hey Thomas!
    We are first buying the end user licence to test the sim software (P3D v5.2) and the module.
    Could you give instructions how to upgrade the licence to the commercial licence if we decide to go with P3D and this module? I didn’t find that info on the eula?
    One of the deciding factors is if we can get working hud for the sim. The cockpit gauges in the sim are not working, and would have been difficult to read ( IAS mostly) for most of our target audience (no sim experience), so we didn’t go the lenghts to even try to get them working.
    We are trying to get 3rd party huds (FSX mods) working with it. Wont link them here due rules. But any assistance on the matter would be highly appreciated!!
    The sim would be used in hud only view, so any mismatches with the virtual cockpit would be non issue.

    Thank you in advance!
    Best regards