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      Hello everyone,
      I think this plane is great, what a job my congratulations.
      I like its mini panel so much that I would like to use it in other planes, but I can’t. It is displayed but the values ​​remain at zero.
      Is it possible, how should I do?
      Thank you in advance for all responses.
      P. Guex


        Hi P. Guex,

        Thanks for using Draken, I am happy to hear that you like it.

        You have not specified which version of Draken you are using or in which simulator you are using it. But since you are talking about the minipanel I take for granted that it is version 4.1 for FSX (as there is no minipanel in the P3D versions). The minipanel uses custom variables that are specific to Draken, so it cannot be used with other aircraft. Many of the gauges in our Draken models are interdependent, not only the minipanel.

        Kind regards /Thomas


          Thank you for your quick response. That is what I thought. But I have never seen anything like this before, this achievement is exceptional. I’m sure it would be successful if you developed a “universal” version.
          Best regards.
          P Guex

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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