FLI 35/PN-594 navigation flight

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      I made today a flight to learn the handling of the FLI 35/PN-594 navigation system. The flight started at F10 rw 32 and proceeded to UrĂ¥sa (code 9027), F12 (code 9012), Kristianstad (code 9020), F14 (9014) and home to F10 rw 14.

      It was a bit of work to program these breakpoints into the FLI 35 unit, added to the normal checklist at startup (I understand why this programming was made offline for the 37 Viggen and have it on a program stick just to plug in into the aircraft). The mode selector on the PN-59 was set to STRIL.

      I flew at altitude 5000 m in fair weather, so I could check the navigation visually. And a more stringent test was made against Plan-G. There I checked bearing and distance to the next waypoint. They agreed nicely, the navigation went successfully.

      On the FLI 35 indicator unit there is also displayed the estimated fuel consumption to the next waypoint. As I understand, it is based on keeping the current flight level and the current speed. If you have the last waypoint as the airfield you are going to land at, you must add the fuel for landing procedures.

      It was fun to navigate this way, but I am seeing forward to have a working autopilot, that would be much easier so.

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