Indicator lamp "Tank Pump"

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      Hello Thomas!

      My indicator lamp “Tank Pump” never light up on my Warning Panel before I start the engine. Only if I push the testbuttom it will light up?
      Have you any tips?

      /Conny N



        I did check it on my PC. The engine is normally running when I load the Draken. I did cut the engine and the “Tank Punp”-warning did light up.


          Thank you for response Henric!

          I don’t know why it’s not working for me. I have tried a lot but I have no clue why it won’t work. But it’s of course no big deal.

          Today I tested thee FLI 35/PN594 system and they worked fine.
          My flight was from Västerås to Karlsborg and back.
          I still have to train my landings a whole lot more, but today I landed without the parachute and that was a big step forward for me.

          I must say that I am more impressed by this airplane every time I make a flight.

          Best Regards


            @conny: I have the same problem, which is very odd as it has not always been like that.

            : If I understand you right, all six warning lights on the lower left are lit with the engine off, including TANKPUMP?

            I will check this out, there has to be a bug somewhere that I overlooked. It happens. ;)


              Some moments ago I did load the 35, and the engine was running. I cut out both fuel pumps and let the engine run down. Then I took a screen dump, see below. The TANK PUMP was lit.


                OK, I have located the problem, which was a small logical error in the TANKPUMP warning light function. I have fixed it and will issue a patch later today.

                If the alternator goes offline with the engine running, ELFEL should be lit but TANKPUMP will only be lit if the drop tanks are empty or if the external fuel valve is closed. With external fuel available, the fuel pressure will be high enough without the pump and there will be no warning. If the engine is NOT running, there is of course no fuel pressure and so TANKPUMP should be lit regardless. I had overlooked that part in the code.

                Thank you for your help! /Tom

              Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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