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      Merry Christmas Tom.
      I have accumulated a few hours flying with version 4.1.1 and have found, on my system, 3 instrument indications that failed to function. The first two are insignificant to my flight experience. (1) On Status Messages:- no indication of Brakes Set
      (2) On Radar ‘F’ no range value is indicated
      The third one however was a little more inconvenient.
      (3) The DME Tape did not animate at all, from whatever appropriate active NAV setting was selected. The tape remained constantly at top of its scale in both of its ranges, although a hovering mouse over the tape did produce a result.
      Apart from the moans it is refreshing to be able to fly in FSX with reasonable frame rates…on my old computer.
      all the best for the new year


        I think there is a curse on the PN-59… I managed to get the decimals wrong for the DME: the NAV400 scale is 40 km and NAV40 is just 4 km. So in NAV40 the indicator stays at the top of the scale until you are basically on the runway.

        The flight director also is not working as it should in the NAVRIKTN/NAV modes, the vertical crossbar follows the VOR radial – which is of course completely wrong as this is not supposed to simulate VOR at all.

        I will issue a patch in a few days. This will also fix the status message errors.


          I did a test of the military navigation systems, because I had seen some errors.

          I started from F10 rw 32 and climbed straight out to 10 000 m. I put the aircraft on autopilot and set it flying a circle. Then I set the waypoint to 9009 for F9. The course and the vertical crossbar agreed with the displayed course on the FLI 35 Indicator unit. OK compared to Plan-G.

          Then I set A/B to BIA for F9 and choosed NAV400. Now the vertical crossbar changed to 180 degrees, directly south! The same for NAV40.

          I tested with F12 and F17, and got the same result. Waypoint navigation gave the correct course, but A/B gave directly south. Is this the error the same you said something about at Dec 27 16:31?


            Anita navigation is not working in 4.1.1, you should not use it until it has been patched. Waypoint navigation gives you the correct course on the FLI display and should also drive the vertical xbar in STRIL mode, although I am considering removing this function as it is not authentic.

            The 4.1.2 update will be issued this weekend.

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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