Merry Christmas Thomas

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      A wonderful product!
      I have just start to fly this version and now I am motivated because I got a ticket to Novell Air in Gävle.
      My system is Windows 7 and processor i5 width NVIDIA card and everything is running smooth.

      Thanks a lot and hope you will have a prosperous New Year!


        Hello again!

        I have now been flying this version for some hours and it’s a real good feeling.
        I have made many starts and landings at Västerås, former F1, and it’s a reel challenge to manage to land because of the runway length. But as I could understand from the real manual it’s normal if your weight is high. Then I mean the weight of the airplane of course even if your own weight could cause some other problem. (Smile!)
        Thomas you mentioned somewhere that you would appreciate to get some economical support because of expenses. How could I do that?

        Best Regards


          Thank you Conny, I am really happy to hear that you like my Draken.

          I removed the possibility to donate money to the project when I transferred the rights to the source code to a commercial entity, i.e. Bookmark AB. The freeware version is still being developed by me (in my spare time) and I can do as I like with it, but I do not own the commercial rights anymore. So there is actually no way for you to support the project financially until it goes payware – which it probably will after this version cycle (4.x) has ended. But your intention has been noted and appreciated. :)

          God fortsättning! /Thomas


            Hello Conny!

            I agree with you, I am also prepared to pay for this wonderful project. I have had so many stimulating flight hours with the J35J.

            Landings: Conny, you have a runway length of 2495m at F1. My “home base” is F10, and the main runway there is only 1941m. I can come down without the brake chute if I am careful with the landing speed, but if I am careless I have to use the chute.


              Thanks for response from you both!

              Thomas my indicator lamp “Tank Pump” never light up on my Warning Panel before I start the engine. Only if I push the testbuttom it will light up?
              The problem with “HYDR II” work fine if I reset the flight, but also work fine when I do a cold start and put the four circuit breakers to zero before I close down, but that’s maybe just a coincidence?

              Henric you are absolutely right about my landings.
              I did my military training as a mechanical and weapon soldier 1974-1975 at F1 and I did see a lot of different landings with Draken.
              It’s all up to you to make a good landing. I only wanted to point out for those who wonder why they never could stop before the runways end that it’s not easy to land Draken if you not have the right weight, speed and angle of attack.
              But it’s beautiful to look at when you do it the right way and the rest of the day you will go with a big smile on your lips.

              Happy landings!

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