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      Hi, thanks very much for going to the effort of making the new J35J version FSX compatible!!
      I’ve noticed a couple of very minor issues when using in FSX.
      First the radar range switch in the VC does not appear to have a clickspot, so I am unable to change the radar range from the default 16KM range in the VC.
      I made a work around for this by copying the 4.1.2 version radarcontrol 2D panel gauge into the panel.cfg and this enables me to change ranges (I also copied the radarcontrol gauge xml and bmp from the 4.1.2 version gauges folder into the new J35BM gauges folder).
      Second the textures do not have a thumbnail attached, this was an easy fix as I copied and pasted the thumbnails from the previous 4.1.2 version textures to this version so they now show in the FSX aircraft selection menu.
      Thanks again!! regards, Ian


        Hi Ian, thank you for the valuable input and for using our Draken!
        I have added the defects that you mention to our issue tracker. They will be fixed in the next patch.
        Thanks /Thomas

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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