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    I am a civilian living next door to the F10 location, Ängelholm starting mid september 2021. I have just paid and downloaded the FSX version of the J35 trying to modify it to fit MSFS 2020, a quite heavy task.

    I have now a question- the model will not proprely load into MCX converter and I wonder why- it wont read the modeldef.xml properly and furthermore all dds files are named p3d, why (I installed the FSX version?)
    What is a “dynamic VC texture”? (it wont load either)

    The model is for a fwe reasons crap- I wonder if I can get some support here to sort it out?



    Hello Åke, welcome to the forum!

    First of all, when you have a question for the forum you should start a new topic with a subject line that describes the issue, NOT reply to the “sticky” introduction post. I have moved your post to a separate topic.

    The 35J and 35OE payware models are intended for Prepar3D V4/5 but are compatible with FSX, with the exception of some functions that are not supported in FSX. There is no separate FSX model. This is described on the product page and in the documentation.

    None of the Bookmark Draken models are intended for MSFS2020 and they have not been tested on that platform, so I cannot help you with any problems you have with any conversion tools etc.

    Kind regards,
    Thomas Nilsson, Bookmark Simulations

    Win 10 Pro | P3D v5, v4 | AMD Ryzen 3 3.5 GHz | 32 GB RAM | NVIDIA GT1030 | TM HOTAS Warthog | TM HOTAS Cougar

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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