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    Welcome to the support forum! This is the place to ask questions and share information about Bookmark Draken 5.0 for Prepar3D. Please take a minute to read these basic rules before you start posting:

    • When posting about a problem, please specify the versions of Prepar3D and Windows that you are using. Additional info about your hardware and any other addons you are using might also be helpful.
    • Please give your topic a descriptive title such as “Altimeter not working” or “No sound in exterior view”. Topics with undescriptive titles such as “Help me” will not get much attention.
    • Do not YELL in the forum. Using CAPS LOCK or exclamation signs !!! in the titles or in the posts will not get you more attention, rather the opposite.
    • If you manage to solve a problem, always share the solution with the forum. Do not end the thread saying “Oh I solved it, never mind” as this will not be helpful other users.
    • Do not try to promote or review other products or services here. This will get you banned from the forum very quickly.
    • Be polite and do not use offensive language. Imagine that you are writing to your mother. :)

    Happy to have you here!

    Win 10 Pro | P3D v4.5 | AMD Ryzen 3 3.5 GHz | 32 GB RAM | NVIDIA GT1030 | TM HOTAS Warthog | TM HOTAS Cougar

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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