TacPack installed – Draken drop tanks not usable

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      I have installed TacPack with F-18 Hornet on my PC. Since then has Draken version 35_412 does not want to use the drop tanks.

      Normally I start the Draken 35-412 engine with the switch “M├Ątsystem f. tank” in OFF position according to checklist and manual. After starting, when I put this switch in position ON, the engine dies!

      If I start with the switch in position ON, the engine starts and the fuel meter says 100%. When I put the switch in OFF, the engine continues to run, and fuel level says still 100%. If I then put the switch in ON the engine dies again.

      I have reinstalled Draken 412, but the failure remains. I am forced to fly without using the fuel in the drop tanks for the time being.


        I am unable to help you as I do not have TacPack, and the current version of Draken is neither prepared for nor tested with TacPack. My guess is that TP overrides the fuel tank selector through SimConnect to be able to implement in-air refueling, etc. I would have to go through the TacPack SDK first to figure this out.

        There will eventually be support for TacPack in Draken but I have been up to my neck in work so this is still on the “waiting list”.


          I have uninstalled all FSX and reinstalled only FSX, TacPack with F/A-18 and J35J. I have no other add-ons. This is to test TacPack on J35J without any extra disturbances.

          And my suspicions were correct – now I can use the drop tanks for J35J without problems.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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