Trouble with the Anita system

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      I started from F9 Säve for a flight to F3 Malmslätt. The Anita was set to FH. The course indicator showed correct direction. But the DME distance was wrong. For NAV400 zero was displayed, for NAV40 22 km was displayed, but the tooltip said 212.16, that is probably correct.

      I have no time to analyse it more tonight.


        I have made another Anita-navigation test, flying from F10 Ängelholm to F9 Säve. The distance according to Plan-G is 95.1 nm = 176.12 km. The Anita was set to BI. The course indicator appeared over Torekov at flight level 1000 m. The following readings I did get during the flight:

        Position Level (m) NAV400 NAV40 Tooltip
        Torekov 1000 0 17 171.65
        H. Väderö 2000 0 15 148.02
        Halmstad 3000 0 14 135,22
        Falkenberg 3000 0 10 105,67
        Varberg 3000 0 8 76.15
        Kungsbacka 3000 0 4 34.47

        PS: I cannot get a nice table, “tab” or “several spaces” are replaced by one “space”. I hope you can read the table anyhow.


          I have tried to use the civilian VOR_DME system by flying to Kastrup using the beacon KAS 112.5. It showed the same behaviour as the Anita system. Course indicator OK, NAV400 zero and NAV40 a small distance. The tooltip OK.


            Not only is the distance indicator broken, but so is the course indicator… Also, the tooltips show a value even if the system is switched off, which is not OK.

            I have fixed all this now and PN-59 navigation will definitely work in 4.1.1. Sorry about the mess. And thanks for your help!

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