Unable to set Altitude Hold in version 4.1

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      I have tried to set the autopilot in “Altitude Hold” (HÖJD), but nothing happens. I can set both “Attitude Hold” (ATTITYD) och “Pitch Damping” (DÄMPN), and the lamps to the right lights up. But not for HÖJD, and also the yellow lamp near the altimeter stays dark.

      I have tried to restart the FSX, and also to restart Windows, but nothing helps. What has happened?


        You are right, there is a mistake in the latest autopilot panel. I missed this as I usually select the flight modes from my controller. I will issue a bugfix ASAP.

        Restarting Windows or even FSX should never be necessary if something in Draken malfunctions, reloading the aircraft (or the flight) should reset everything.



          Thanks for the bugfix!

          It might have also (somehow) fixed the “HYD II” that was still illuminated after start-up. And an erratical fuel level readout.


            Is it the correct map Saab_35_41b2\ for the altitude hold fix, or shall it be Saab_35_41b3\ or perhaps Saab_35_41?

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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