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    Hi Tom,
    I have not yet found the 4.1.2 version.
    On another perhaps linked issue, and as I do not wish to waste your time, I am now able to see ‘Brakes Set’ message in the status panel because it was me who de-selected that message, on my computer in both FS9 and FSX config. files.
    all the best


    Sorry, I was down with the flu last weekend and have been very busy this week. The new version as well as a patcher for those who don’t want to reinstall are now available in the download area.

    Good to hear that the brakes message issue was not my fault. ;)

    Cheers /Tom

    Win 10 Pro | P3D v5, v4 | AMD Ryzen 3 3.5 GHz | 32 GB RAM | NVIDIA GT1030 | TM HOTAS Warthog | TM HOTAS Cougar


    Thanks Tom, Hope you are feeling much better now.

    I will sometime in the year make an FSX movie of the J35J and hope that it outshines my FS9 offering.

    For anyone’s interest:- I noticed, on my computer, that on the 35OE version the .mtr and .rat switches did not appear. However, I was able to sort that our with two additional lines in the 35OE panel config. file.

    I know now why I diasabled the ‘brakes’ message. It was was distracting and not very authentic when making screen-shots and movie clips of a cockpit.

    Best wishes

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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