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New autopilot

The autopilot in the current version (4.0) was originally put together for the FS9 version and then adapted for FSX. It was built on top of the MSFS autopilot, but most of its functions were custom made with local variables. It has been known to be more than a little “quirky”, did not respond to key commands, and I have never been happy with it.

I have spent the last week building a new autopilot from scratch, using as much of the stock FSX autopilot as possible and adding only a minimum of local functions. The new autopilot is still close to the real thing, but it has better performance, is less buggy, and can be controlled completely through FSX key commands.

The aircraft can now be flown comfortably on autopilot up to at least 13000 meters, where it stays at about Mach 0.8 in altitude hold mode. No sudden disconnects, no freezes. I am quite happy. ;)

Getting closer to something I can release as beta 2.

Stay tuned /Tom

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4 thoughts on “New autopilot

  1. I am glad to hear that you have remade thee autopilot. I have had much trouble using the old one. I am seeing forward, will switch to the new beta as soon as you will publish it.


  2. I’m impatient to fly with this completly new airplane!!! Is implemented the flight dynamic difference between the satability augmentation system on and off?

  3. I am also impatient to get 4.1b2 out for testing, but I will not upload it until I have taken care of all the bugs that I am presently aware of. It is very close to completion though, all the major stuff is finished.
    As in previous versions, the aircraft will always behave as if stability augmentation (DĂ„MPN) is on, and switching it (or the autopilot) off will not make any difference. The damping is a part of the FDE, and it is not possible to make in-flight changes of this in FSX. Response to control inputs can of course be trapped using a SimConnect module and the signals processed, but I have decided not to go down that road yet.

  4. hi thomas,

    just want to say thank you for all your efforts to make this beauty always better…’s a great aircraft :)

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